Stronghold Group Sponsors Urban Dream Initiative Leadership & Ethics Workshop

Stronghold Group was proud to help sponsor and support the Urban Dream Initiative (UDI) as it held a leadership and ethics workshop at the Philadelphia Military Academy in conjunction with the United States Military Academy. The founder of UDI is Major Ebony Thomas, Esq, a native of Philadelphia and 2010 graduate of the United States Military Academy. She just entered her 13th year of active duty service in the US Army and currently serves as a Command Judge Advocate in the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command. In her spare time she works to fulfill the mission of Urban Dream Initiative, which is “to reverse the effects of urban decay and restore our urban communities to powerful centers of multiculturalism, opportunity, and prosperity.”

Aside from both being Philadelphia natives, Stronghold Group’s CEO, David Henderson, and Urban Dream Initiative’s CEO, Ebony Thomas, also go way back. “Ebony may not remember this, but I do,” said Henderson. “Sometime in 2004, roughly 12 whole months before she was even eligible to apply to West Point, she was on calls with the admissions office and running through a checklist. I remember talking to her for the first time on a recruiting call with then-Major Gaylord Greene and saying to him ‘This one is wired differently. She has to go here.” Fast forward to 19 years later in December 2023, Ebony is fulfilling every part of the future she manifested and created, having graduated from West Point, serving in the US Army, passing law school and the bar exam, and becoming a JAG Officer.