Stronghold Group Sponsors Founders Day for West Point Society of Philadelphia

Stronghold Group is proud to serve as a 4-Star Sponsor for the West Point Society of Philadelphia as they celebrate Founders Day. This year’s honoree is LTG(R) H.R. McMaster, a Philadelphia native, 1984 graduate of USMA, and former National Security Advisor.

Other 4-Star sponsors of the West Point Society of Philadelphia include:

Patriot Direct
Valley Forge Military Academy
Williamson College of the Trades

Stronghold Group Supports Afghan Refugee Evacuation and Care Program with Stronghold Rescue & Relief

Stronghold Group has partnered with Stronghold Rescue and Relief (a duly registered 501c(3) non-profit organization) to provide evacuation assistance and care for refugees of Afghanistan.

Stronghold Rescue and Relief sends small teams of veterans into conflict zones to provide emergency medical services, refugee protection, and humanitarian relief for persecuted communities.

Both Stronghold Group and Stronghold Rescue and Relief have created a network of support for Afghan refugees once they have departed Afghanistan and once they have arrived in the United States, including the following: housing, healthcare, job training, and general resettlement assistance.

Learn more about the efforts of Stronghold Rescue and Relief online at their website: Stronghold Rescue & Relief

Stronghold Group Partners with Organizations to Deliver Over $2.4MM in Aid to Ukraine Front Line

Stronghold Group, a VA-certified SDVOSB made up of a globally experienced team of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, was proud to recently partner with Project Aid & Rescue and Operation White Stork to help donate and deliver more than $2.4 million worth of Azithromycin antibiotics (72,000 individual courses) and hundreds of IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits) for combat lifesaving trauma aid. In video and photo, the IFAKs were distributed to both frontline aid workers and Ukrainian soldiers headed to the front line. The IFAKs were composed of tourniquets, chest seals, hemostatic blood clotting agents, wound dressings, and other life-saving components. These IFAKs and antibiotics were delivered to the end users by William McNulty and his team from Operation White Stork.

For more details, please see the full story linked here:

Stronghold Group Donates Isolation Gowns to The Wright Center for Community Health

Stronghold Group is proud to donate two pallets of isolation gowns (roughly 4,200 gowns) to The Wright Center.

The Wright Center for Community Health offers healthcare services for children and adults across northeast Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit them online at

Stronghold Group Sponsors Veteran Multi-Service Center Fundraiser

Stronghold Group is proud to serve as one of the sponsors of the Veteran Multi-Service Center (VMC) for their annual golf outing fundraiser. The Veterans Multi-Service Center is a nationally recognized non-profit organization providing comprehensive services only to military Veterans since 1980.

VMC’s mission is to provide services, program, opportunity and advancement to Veterans of the U.S military and their families.

To learn more about VMC and how to support their mission visit them online at

Stronghold Donates to Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation

Stronghold Group is proud to donate to Razia’s Ray for the fourth year in a row. Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation provides Afghan girls and young women with safe, nurturing, and inspiring educational environments so that they may build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their community.

Founded 2007 by humanitarian and social innovator Razia Jan, an Afghan native, Razia’s Ray of Hope is supported by a global team of women leaders and visionaries committed to peace. We know that community-based, culturally-aware education is a critical pathway toward meaningful change for future generations.

To learn more about Razia’s Ray and how to get involved visit their website at

Stronghold Group Donates Millions of PPE to Philadelphia City Workers

Stronghold Group was honored to donate 1,000,000 3-ply masks, 2,000 face shields, and 4,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to TWU 234, SEPTA Transit Police, and AFSCME 33 on January 21st 2022.

NBC 10 Philadelphia’s Lauren Mayk covered the full story which can be viewed below:

District Council 33 offered the following statement: “By providing protection for our members, you also help to ensure that the City of Philadelphia remains functional on a daily basis.  Your gift will afford many of our members the opportunity to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19 and other easily transmissible pathogens.”

View additional details on NBC 10 Philadelphia’s website here:

Stronghold Donates to The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement

The Stronghold Group continued its support of regional health care workers who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic by donating 5,000 pieces of personal protection equipment (PPE) and a $5,000 check to The Wright Centers for Community Health and Patient & Community Engagement.

A veteran-owned business that specializes in medical equipment, the Stronghold Group donated 20 cases of disposable 3-ply surgical masks and 80 cases of medical gowns to protect clinicians at The Wright Center for Community Health’s eight primary care practices in Lackawanna, Luzerne and Wayne counties.

Stronghold’s financial support will be used to purchase fresh produce and canned goods for the most marginalized in our community who need it most.

“Worrying about having enough to eat should be the last thing on someone’s mind when they’re already worried about their health and finances,” said Laurie LaMaster, associate vice president of development and Patient & Community Engagement at The Wright Center. “We know the winter months bring higher heating bills, which further strain household budgets. Too often people are forced to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families. That’s why we are incredibly grateful for the support of the Stronghold Group. Not only are they keeping our health care heroes safe on the frontlines, they’re putting food on the table of the most vulnerable in our community.”

View the full story here:

Stronghold Group Donates 1.5 million 3-ply face masks, 120,000 isolation gowns, and 10,000 N95 masks (August 30th, 2021) to Pennsylvania DMVA and PEMA

As veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, Stronghold Group takes pride in continuing to support the Veteran community. We look forward to working with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s leadership to find ways to work together in the future.

Stronghold Group Donates over Half a Million Masks for Students and Teachers of the School District of Philadelphia

Based on usage data and the School District of Philadelphia opening summer programs for students, Stronghold Group donated 600,000 additional 3-ply masks to be used by students, faculty, and teachers. This brings the total number of donated 3-ply masks to just over 1.1 million. Stronghold Group looks forward to partnering with and donating to the School District of Philadelphia more in the future.